Gorilla Theatre Productions presented the classic Greek tragedy "THE LIBATION BEARERS" by Aeschylus as the feature production in the 14th Annual Summer Solstice Greek Show for 2004. This was the continuation of "AGAMEMNON" in the Orestia trilogy by Aeschylus. Directed by James Dean Carter, this production featured a new original score composed and
  • A Success is man’s god. Destiny waits alike for the free man as well as for him enslaved by another's might. From one small seed could burgeon an enormous tree. Dreaming is a light pastime, of fortune more golden than gold. For a deadly blow let him pay with a deadly blow; it is for him who has done a deed to suffer.
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  • Click to read more about The Oresteia: Agamemnon / The Libation Bearers / The Eumenides by Aeschylus. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers All about The Oresteia: Agamemnon / The Libation Bearers / The Eumenides by Aeschylus.
  • BAlthough Sophocles and Euripides both give Electra and Orestes more character, they use different techniques to cause this effect. We can especially notice a character difference in Electra. In the Libation Bearers, she does not have much personality, or nearly as much involvement in the revenge plans; now she is the main character.
  • C 1 Hermes is invoked (1) as a god of the lower world, because he is the “conducter of souls” and herald between the celestial and infernal gods (l. 124), and can thus convey Orestes' appeal to the rulers of the dead and to the spirit of his father; (2) as administrator of the powers committed to him by his father,...
  • Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dover Thrift Editions: The Oresteia Trilogy : Agamemnon, the Libation-Bearers and the Furies by Aeschylus (1996, Paperback, Reprint) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!
  • What Aeschylus intended, no one, especially no modern reader, can know for sure, but that line points to what gives The Libation Bearers continuing meaning, even for a modern audience that utterly rejects Aeschylus’ concept of an ordered universe, in which all violations of the natural order are punished. Depth psychology still tells us that ...
  • Aeschylus The Libation Bearers [Choephoroi] 458 BC Dramatis Personae ORESTES: son of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra, brother of Electra. CHORUS: slave women captured at Troy and serving the royal palace at Argos. ELECTRA: daughter of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra, sister of Orestes. SERVANT: house slave serving in the royal palace.
  • , Why does Electra visit the tomb? , What does Orestes (who is in disguise) tell Clytemnestra once he reaches the palace? , Who does Orestes stay with during his banishment? , Name all of the known children of Agamemnon You get a sweet if you can name the one we have not read about!
  • Dthere is an extra tag < > that creates an alignment problem on the first 10 lines of Libation Bearers - Aeschylus. diagram is not generated for these 10 lines. that tag is not present in Scaife. monzug added the data issue label May 12, 2019
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